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We are committed to building strong images for your product(s) in Switzerland. Our marketing creativity is in perfect tune with the Swiss market giving us the best possible chances of success. All that we undertake in Switzerland is royalty-free (except images) and therefore can be used in any other countries. Use our experience and know-how to gain awareness and success for your products in our market.


As well as being an excellent test market Switzerland has its individuality; although tending to react slowly once a product gains acceptance subsequent brand loyalty is really long-lasting. So, development in such a market does require patience and perseverance but in addition the ability to control change at exactly the right time. We know our market and so will provide you with this special touch.

The products

Your product is may be innovative, unique, taboo, or highly specific… Don’t worry, we can accept the challenge to open / create and expand new markets as long as your product meets real needs and offers effective solutions. We operate daily in this way so you can have confidence in us! Medical devices, health food-supplements and medico-cosmetics are our special fields in which we have considerable experience.

Starting up

Entering Switzerland with Hygis, you will work with only one partner but then the ideal and optimal one, even if sub-contracted, who will find the best solutions for your products. Let us work for you and for your product !

Services list

• Regulatory support
• Marketing campaign
• Sales
• Pre-wholesaling
• Contact with groups’ clients
• Market research
• Local follow up
• Trademark registration

Why choose us

Give us a chance and we will prove our efficiency!
Success with us!

In the Swiss environment, each product needs a Swiss-specific marketing approach to find its ideal place in this market. Our experience will make this possible and our dedication to your product will make all the difference. Let us work together - not only to prepare the best plan but to bring it to healthy (commercial) life !

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