About our company

Founded to represent our Principals’ products on the Swiss market “ we love it  as if it were ours”!

Hygis’ adventure started in 2003 with the re-launch of two mature prescription products, Mydocalm and Ologyn. With a first focus on gynaecology, Hygis then launched successfully other products in the OTC market.

Today, three of these products are worth hundreds of thousands.
Multi-Gyn is a “must product” in pharmacies and drugstores, and leader in its segment.

For us, the selection of the products we handle  is an important decision. We do not accept just any product but are selective. Once we accept it, we are fully dedicated to the success of your product because we believe in it.

Our advantages

Full service, one stop
We will take care of your product from registration to sales, bringing it to the highest achievable sales levels.

Adapting your experience to Switzerland
We strongly believe in your experience. Tell us about it and we will adapt it to create an approach fully coherent with our market’s requirements.

More than a partner
All we do for your product will be at your disposal for use in other markets. Let us test some ideas together; Switzerland is an ideal testing market.

The most creative ideas
A company doesn’t need to be big to be successful. Analysis, experience, market know-how, flexibility, proactivity and reactivity are a must. With Hygis, the most creative ideas are not only possible but these ideas will be exploited successfully. We will find the ideal local partners to give to these ideas the best chances to success.

Our team, our partners
Small is beautiful! It is also our motto. A flat and small structure guarantees flexibility and rapid reactivity; nevertheless, it will be impossible for us to be everywhere. To do this, we identify and select the best Swiss specialists in their field to second us.